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If you like soccer and you also like Strat-o-matic products, then this game is for you.  In my opinion, this is the best soccer game ever made and I have played almost all of them.

This was a soccer simulation from Football International.

Contents: Board with a pitch divided into 5 zones, an acetate overlay to show teams moving up and down the pitch, 40 action cards, 12 defense cards, 3 dice, ball marker, team sets with 15 individual player cards and a team roster card.

Basic game sequence:

1) Take an action card corresponding to the zone of the pitch the ball is in. This indicates which players are eligible to receive a pass.
2) Choose the receiver.
3) Roll 3 dice and refer to the table on the passer's card.
4) Move the ball to the intended receiver if successful and optionally move the acetate forward to indicate players moving up the field, or the nearest defender if the pass failed.
5) Repeat.

When the ball is in zone four or five, the attacking team can take a half-chance shot or a golden opportunity shot depending on which player has the ball. Shots are evaluated by rolling the dice and consulting the table on the player's card.

There are rules for corner kicks, throw-ins, red cards, free kicks, injuries and advanced rules for team tactics.

The game is played in real time with 45 minutes per half.

The game came with a selection of 1982-83 English or Scottish teams

Drop us an e-mail if you are interested in this game.   It is completely free and will be e-mailed to you upon request.  Send your request to:


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND...there are a lot of files to this game.  Make sure your e-mail can handle all the files that will be mailed to you.  (There are 55 megs of files.)  If you cannot receive that many files, then you will have to request a mailed CD copy.  We may charge you for postage on that request.  E-Mail is free.

Currently, we are working on the following team sets:

2014 MSL (American Soccer) $16.00

All time best MSL team set    $20.00

1977 NASL                           $16.00

All time best NASL teams       $20.00

For more information, write to:


Once they are complete, they will be offered here at ODD MAN GAMES.

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