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We here at Odd Man Games have a number of products to offer that will enhance your enjoyment and expand your current games. 



WIN, PLACE & SHOW (WPS) is the most thorough racing experience ever created.  That's not to say it is perfect.  Being a hard core horse racing fan, I expect a lot out of a game/simulation and this is the best so far over the past 50 years of gaming.

Some games recreate only part of the experience.  Most racing games are just glorified gambling games where people bet on the horses and the object of the game seems to be the accumulation of money.  Some attempt to recreate the performance of the horses themselves but fail (imho).  Still other games place you in the position of owning a stable but the flavor to the racing itself is usally bland.  Only WPS seems to put them altogether in giving you gambling, stable owner options, realistic racing of the horses and accurate historical performance.

Some other leading racing games are:

TURFMASTER - the very best components in the game... bar none.  However, it is a game and not a simulation in any way.  You won't see Secretariat here... but the bits and pieces look really cool.

APBA SADDLE RACING - Now OOP (out of print), this game was the best for quite some time.  Three things cause it to fail.  First, it is out of print.  Second, Glue Pot was likely to beat Secretariat.  APBA had little real world accuracy.  Third... and most importantly, it played more like a math exercise than a fun game.   Don't get me wrong.  This is a cool game... but sum of the whole is less than the parts combined.

ELECTRIC HORSE RACING - Made by the same people who made electric football.  A real game in every sense of the word but you don't get any accuracy or historical value.

There are other games... many others but these seem to be the best.  In my opinion, none of them does what WPS does in a complete fashion.   We have many of the aftermarket products here free for download or available for purchase.  None other than Bruno Cross has given us the very best in historical charts... the most accurate made for any game of any sport.


This is the latest and greatest series produced by Bruno Cross.  Each year is represented by two charts covering the top 30 real, historical horses for each year.  The set includes the best Colts and Fillies from the U.S. and the international racing circuits.  These charts will allow you to race and distance from 6 furlongs up to 12 furlongs.  In effect, you can run the Triple crown with the Kentucky Derby (10 furlongs), Preakness (9 1/2 furlongs) and the Belmont (12 furlongs).

There are many great horses and rivalries in these charts.  See Secretariat in his finest form.  Re-run great rivalries such as Affirmed-Alydar, Swaps-Nashua or the tragic Ruffian-Foolish Pleasure match race.  Did you ever wonder how the greatest foreign horses would do against America's best?  Now you can find out.

Each year comes with two charts, one of which is back printed with facts and pictures.  They are currently available in Color or Black and White.  When ordering, please specify which you would prefer.

The following seasons are available.

 1904  1905  1906  1907  1908  1909  1910  1911  1912  1913
 1914  1915  1916   1917  1918  1919   1920   1921  1922   1923
 1924  1925  1926  1927  1928  1929  1930  1931  1932  1933
 1934  1935  1936  1937  1938  1939  1940  1941  1942  1943
 1944  1945  1946  1947  1948  1949  1950  1951  1952  1953
 1954  1955  1956  1957  1958  1959  1960  1961  1962  1963
 1964  1965  1966  1967  1968  1969  1970  1971  1972  1973
 1974  1975  1976  1977  1978  1979  1980  1981  1982  1983
 1984  1985  1986  1987  1988  1989  1990  1991  1992  1993
 1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002  2003
 2004  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2013
 2014  2015  2016  2017            

Each chart is self contained and you must own Win, Place and Show to use these.  We have a Print-your-own version of WPS in the downloads section.

Each horse runs in the pattern that is characteristic to that horse.  For example, Secretariat was rarely a front runner.  In general, he wore horses down and had a strong finish.  His weakness was that he could potentially be trapped in the pack and not get to exercise his full talents and range of speed.  Zenyatta was a classic follower and waited until the final few furlongs to blow past the crowd.  Horses like Ack Ack were so fast off the line that they could cruise in the final furlongs and not be concerned of getting caught.  This game seems to replicate the traits of race horses very well.  Some are sprinters specifically trained for races of five or six furlongs.  Some are milers, bred for that eight furlong distance.  Some are middle distance runners and those horses are usually the ones we see in the Triple Crown events and some are stayers designed for those grueling longer races that wear out most of the speedier horses. 

These charts are truly a work of art and must be seen to be believed.  The MAIN chart contains 18 of the best horses found anywhere in the world for a given year.  Each MAIN chart has 6x 2 year old juveniles, 6x 3 year olds and 6x 4 year old and older horses.  The SUPPLEMENTAL chart has 12x 3 year olds for those people who enjoy racing larger races and recreating special events like the Kentucky Derby. 



These charts are sold in either PDF format or as printed charts.  You may purchase them as a whole collection or as individual years.  There is no limit as to how many or how few you can purchase at a time.

Any individual season chart - $1.00 per main season/chart  in PDF format (e-mailed to your account).  $0.25 for any supplemental chart for any year.

or $1.25 per season if you both the main chart and the supplemental chart for any given year.

Entire chart set (every chart from 1904 to 2017) - $140.00 in PDF format e-mailed to your account.   That includes every season, every main chart, every supplemental chart made.  A good savings if you plan to purchase them all.

(*you may also request a mailed CD and shipping costs apply).

Contact us if you want a complete set printed, sleeved, placed in a decorative notebook and mailed via USPS (Shipping costs may apply).

When ordering individual charts, please specify which charts you want.

To place an order, you may make a Pay Pal payment directly to:


You may also contact us directly at
Info@oddmangames.com .


When Avalon Hill was publishing its sports gaming journal, ALL-STAR REPLAY, Pat was asked to develop a number of race programs for “real” horses in “real” races; a number of variants for other racing breeds were also developed and all were published in the magazine. Pat has decided to make ALL of these available again (many have been revised and updated) PLUS many NEW “real” race programs. Thoroughbreds (including some famous fictional horses such as the Black Stallion horses), Harness Horses/Standardbreds (Pacers and Trotters), Quarter Horses, Steeplechasers, Appaloosas, Arabians, Paints & Pintos, Thoroughbred Heat Racers (pre Civil War), the legendary China Ponies, famous Western Cowboy Heroes’ horses, and even the new craze, racing Mules, are all included.

Some of the most famous race horses of all-time will be found in these programs. All of the Triple Crown winners for both Thoroughbreds and Harness Horses, including Secretariat's TC races, will be found. Man o' War to Curlin, Dan Patch to Niatross, and so many more horses are yours to race. This supplement has over 250 race programs. Race rule variants for ALL of the above breeds allow for realistic competitions. Fantasy Dream Races are included with all-time great horses of all breeds competing against one another.

These programs are not in color (Black and white).  They were designed for Avalon Hill by Pat Premo.

- entire collection (250 race programs) - $25.00


If you like soccer and you also like Strat-o-matic products, then this game is for you.  In my opinion, this is the best soccer game ever made and I have played almost all of them.

This was a detailed  soccer simulation from Football International.

Contents: Board with a pitch divided into 5 zones, an acetate overlay to show teams moving up and down the pitch, 40 action cards, 12 defense cards, 3 dice, ball marker, team sets with 15 individual player cards and a team roster card.

Basic game sequence:

1) Take an action card corresponding to the zone of the pitch the ball is in. This indicates which players are eligible to receive a pass.
2) Choose the receiver.
3) Roll 3 dice and refer to the table on the passer's card.
4) Move the ball to the intended receiver if successful and optionally move the acetate forward to indicate players moving up the field, or the nearest defender if the pass failed.
5) Repeat.
When the ball is in zone four or five, the attacking team can take a half-chance shot or a golden opportunity shot depending on which player has the ball. Shots are evaluated by rolling the dice and consulting the table on the player's card.

There are rules for corner kicks, throw-ins, red cards, free kicks, injuries and advanced rules for team tactics.

The game is played in real time with 45 minutes per half.

The game came with a selection of twelve 1982-83 English and Scottish teams

Drop us an e-mail if you are interested in this game.   It is completely free and will be e-mailed to you upon request.  Send your request to:


We are in the process of releasing four new sets for the game:

2014 MSL (American Soccer) $16.00

All time best MSL team set    $20.00

1977 NASL                           $16.00

All time best NASL teams       $20.00

For more information, write to:



These are the classic Space Exploration and colonization games made back in the mid to late 1970's by TSR.

STAR PROBE is the game of space exploration and exploitation.  Made for fans of Science Fiction and space exploration, it was made with a more realistic look at space travel.  This design influenced many future RPG's.

STAR EMPIRES was the follow up release and covered the building of galactic empires.  This is not a simple game that is done in one setting and is designed to be used in co-ordination with Star Probe.

STAR PROBE - $9.00



Each book will come in PDF  Print and Play format.

 For more info, feel free to write us at:



For a limited time, we are offering a two gaming CD's with many great sports board games and computer games on it.   Each CD set will have the following games:

LANCE HAFFNER HAT TRICK HOCKEY - a classic great DOS computer Hockey simulator.  You will probably need to download a DOS emulator like DOSBox to run this.  DOSBox is free to use.

LANCE HAFFNER BASEBALL - a classic great DOS computer Baseball simulator.  You will probably need to download a DOS emulator like DOSBox to run this.  DOSBox is free and easy to use.

BEAT THE CAT - The best snowmobile racing board game ever made.

SPORTS ACTION CANADIAN FOOTBALL - The best Canadian Football board game ever made. Plays like Strat-o-matic football.  Comes with many, many seasons.

PENNANT RACE -  The Sports Illustrated Baseball game.   Comes with every team ever officially made and everything you will need to play. 

WORLD CLASS FOOTBALL (SOCCER) - One of the best soccer games ever made.  Plays like Strat-o-matic with individual players.

BOWL BOUND FOOTBALL TEAMS - Every team officially ever published for this great college football board game.

PAY DIRT FOOTBALL TEAMS - Every team officially ever published from 1979 to 1993 for this great pro football board game.

This collection let's you play some of the greatest sports games of our time.

This CD set is priced at $29.00 plus $7.00 shipping anywhere in the USA.

For more information, write to:



We have a detailed High School Football simulation.  This is not a "quick play" game.  This game is the most detailed and accurate High School Football board game available anywhere.

It covers many teams and many states, with individual players being used.  It's not just a team game but a statistically accurate simulation using the best of the best in High School Football. 

We also plan on taking requests and making teams on demand.  But, before you flood our IN BOX with your e-mails, we will only make teams that we can find the stats for.  We can almost guarantee that any team in the past 3 years is do-able.  Once you start to go back further in history, the stats become more difficult to obtain.  That means we can make a LOT of modern teams but we probably cannot make your favorite team from 1957.

Currently we have the following items available:

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL game system - $24.00 ( comes with any four teams you request... if possible)
2014 Top Ten Teams for most states - $20.00 per state

 For more information, write to:



We have a detailed High School Basketball simulation. Just like the football game, this is not a "quick play" game. This game is detailed and accurate.

It covers many teams and many states, with individual players being used. We also plan on taking requests and making teams on demand. But, before you flood our IN BOX with your e-mails, we will only make teams that we can find the stats for. We can almost guarantee that any team in the past 3 years is do-able. Once you start to go back further in history, the stats become more difficult to obtain. 

Currently we have the following items available:

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL game system - $24.00 ( comes with any four teams you request... if possible)
2014 Top Ten Teams for most states - $20.00 per state

 For more information, write to:




This is a great classic game of snowmobile racing.  You get Snowmobiles of various caliber and quality, you get racers of different skills and traits and you get a great looking track to race on.  The track itself has the look and feel of actual snow-cross racing. 

Best of all, it's free.  You can request the "Print and Play" version of the game itself for free by sending a request to:


 We are currently making the actual racer and snowmobile updates to include new racing seasons, new snowmobile types and the latest racers.


Race the Iditarod is the board game of board game of racing the Alsaka Dog Sled Marathon race.  It mimics and recreates the entire race and not just the movement.  You have to know when to rest your team, deal with injuries, with mishaps and with fatigue.  You make decisions on the track as to which path you choose and how you get through the race.

It is the only detailed Iditarod game I have ever seen on the market.  All others are just simplistic and use the name only.  This game gives you the real feel of the event.

This game is not yet released but will be released in Fall of 2015.



Moves Magazine covered war games from the 1970's on up.  Mostly they covered the SPI / Decision Games line  but they also featured others as well.  

This DVD has issues #1 to #60 complete in PDF format.   You get game reviews, previews, analysis and expansions.  You get detailed info from the very best people who ever played or designed games. 


DVD with Moves #1-60 - $39.00

Shipping anywhere in the USA - $7.00

Foreign Shipping - write and ask for a quote

For more info, write to:



  is the original ASL computer assisted program. 

If you have ever played Advanced Squad Leader, you realize how many variables and calculations there are.  LOS, range, munitions type, weapon, target type, etc… are only a few of multitude of variables that must be added into just figuring out how to fire.  Unless you have committed all of the instructions to memory, you have more than a few charts and diagrams to look over to get the final values. ASL GAP is the computer assisted way to handle these issues.  GAP reminds you of the variables you need to consult and even does the final calculations.

  ASL GAP runs in a DOS window in Windows 95, 98, ME or XP.   Originally published by Avalon Hill, it comes on a 3.5” disk or CD... at your request. 



This program runs in DOS or on XP or Vista in a DOS window.

Program on CD and printed Docs with shipping - $22.00

Just the program (e-mailed ) - $9.00

You may also contact us directly at
Info@oddmangames.com .


This is an update package for SPI's fantasy wargame... BATTLES FOR MIDDLE EARTH.  The actual game title was GAMES OF MIDDLE EARTH and was published in the 1970's by SPI/

This update includes the 3rd edition rules, completely new counter labels and additional rules for including in the various races of Middle Earth such as Beornings and Ents.  This huge modification updates this classic wargame.  The counter modifications alone are a work of art.

All of the new charts come on high quality card stock and the entire set is professionally printed.   This is not a desktop project done on an inkjet printer.

You must own SPI Games of Middle Earth in order to use this update package.











There are a few battles that stand out in history.  Stalingrad, Gettysburg, Waterloo are more recent but the epic battle of all time had to be the siege of Troy.  If you go by the account written  by Homer (The Iliad and the Odyssey),you have a war between men that was influenced by the Gods themselves.

Battles of the Trojan War will be a large war game with various levels of complexity.  In it you will have the mortal forces of the Greeks, the Trojans and the various multitudes of allies who fought on their behalf.  The order of battle is a history lesson by itself.

But you will also have the Gods... those immortals who favored the humans with their gifts. 

Ares, the God of War, who used the skin of his slain enemies to make clothing.  He initially favored the Trojans but he can be swayed by heroic acts of valor and bravery.

This game will contain close to 1000 counters depicting the military units of both the Greeks and Trojans along with their various war machines.  The Gods in all their glory with strange and mysterious powers will have their own counters and they will greatly influence the course of the war.  Most of all, you will have an individual counter for all the major and minor heroes and military leaders of the day.

 This game is not just a military exercise but a duel of wits as you use guile and persuasion just as much as you use brute force.  Both will have their day on this battle field.

Not only will you have to plan your battles but you will have to plan you politics and you allegiances to the Gods.  For every act of favoring one God brings the possibility of falling out of favor with the other deities.

This is a game that you can play solitaire or with the forces divided up among many players.  There are a lot of pieces and a lot to consider.

For more info, please feel free to contact us at:










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